Close environmental liability coverage gaps.

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Pollution Liability Insurance for Risky Business

When we think about pollution, we think toxic spills, secretions and emissions into the environment. But the scope of what’s considered environmental damage is far-reaching and rapidly expanding today. For example, contractors can find themselves liable for any negative impact silt and sediment have on groundwater as a result of their operations, or they may end up responsible for cleanup costs after dust from construction work enters a school’s ventilation system. The health care industry – from hospitals to medical clients – all use, store and dispose environmentally sensitive materials. If mismanaged, a release of these materials can result in negative financial loss or reputational damage.

This is where a comprehensive Pollution Liability insurance program from Arroyo steps in. Depending on the industry sector and the individual operation, we will tailor coverage to address your unique exposures. 

What Does Pollution Liability Insurance Cover?

The professionals at Arroyo will review your operations and the potential pollution liability risks you face to put together an Environmental insurance program for you. A policy can be designed to include:

  • Remediation/cleanup of site contamination resulting from pollution conditions caused by historical conditions, on-site releases during the course of operations, or any adjacent property source
  • Vicarious liability associated with waste disposal due to legacy sites utilized or business difficulties of current owners/operators of these waste facilities
  • Transportation, unexpected/unintended upset, and overturn due to loading/unloading during the movement of transported cargo (supplies or waste materials)
  • Indoor air quality, including claims for the occurrence of microbial matter, mold, fungi, MRSA, and Legionella to an impaired immune system patient community
  • Chemical storage on-site for cleaning, maintenance, and construction/development activities
  • Underground storage tanks and transfer lines
  • Regulatory audits/inspections conducted by state or federal agencies
  • Wastewater that includes pharmaceuticals
  • Reputational damage because of pollution
  • Release of pollutants or discovery of conditions during expansion of facilities
  • Nuclear, biological, and chemical acts of domestic/foreign terrorism 

For the construction industry, we offer Contractors Pollution Liability coverage (CPL), which provides protection against contractors arising from pollution conditions resulting from the operations of the contractor or their subcontractors. We can also secure Contractors Professional Liability coverage, providing protection for claims against contractors arising from errors or omissions resulting from the rendering of professional services by them or their subcontractors. These coverages help fill the gaps created by pollution-related exclusions contained in standard Commercial General Liability policy forms.