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Retirement Planning: Building A Future Employees Want

Employees depend on employer-provided benefits to help with their personal financial protection, including assistance in preparing for their golden years. A retirement plan in fact is a key deciding factor for many when looking to join a firm, along with salary and Group Health insurance

The professional benefits specialists at Arroyo can assist you with your workplace retirement plan – from a 401(k) to a pension and profit-sharing plan. 

A Look at 401(k) Retirement Plans

Arroyo can provide you with the ability to offer an excellent 401(k) retirement plan structured to accommodate profit sharing and/or matching contributions from your company. We offer 401(k) plans from leading financial investment firms that can be set up to offer automatic enrollment with opt-out provisions, salary deferrals, employer contribution options, and online information, account review and retirement calculators.


We provide traditional 401(k), safe harbor 401(k), and SIMPLE 401(k) plans. These retirement plans can provide tax advantages to both your employees and your company. The traditional plans meet non-discrimination requirements, and both the safe harbor and traditional 401(k)s can be combined with other retirement offerings. For smaller businesses, the SIMPLE 401(k) may be most suitable.


Our experienced advisors can help you understand the benefits, requirements and restrictions of each of the different options. We can also help optimize your 401(k) program with an analysis of investment options, reducing expenses, coordinating rollovers, offering employee education options, and increasing enrollment.

Inside Pension & Profit-Sharing Plans

Arroyo can assist you in setting up a profit-sharing plan, offering you both design flexibility and discretion with regard to contributions. Employer contributions are self-determined and can be allocated in a number of ways. If a firm’s profits are down, for example, no contribution is required. There are three basic types of profit sharing plans: traditional, age-weighted and new comparability, which our staff can review with you to determine which is best for you and your employees.