Get worldwide coverage for movie boat production.

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Movie Boats: Insuring Smooth Sailing on Set

Being able to capture action on the water comes with unique risks. At Arroyo, we know how to insure these risks and our underwriting partners aren’t afraid of the amazing work you or your clients do. From Titanic explorations, to major TV and motion picture projects, and one-day shoots, our exclusive program is able to insure all aspects of marine exposures worldwide. 

Our team leader has more than two decades in underwriting movie and TV marine exposures, working with top-rated “A” carriers to deliver the insurance protection you need to safeguard your investment. Our comprehensive marine Property & Liability insurance program provides coverage for filming boats, barges, platforms, marinas, docks, wharves and piers.

Coverages Our Program Includes

Coverages available through our Movie Boat program include:

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity (Including Jones Act)
  • Charterer’s Legal Liability
  • Towers Liability
  • Wharfinger’s Liability
  • Excess Liability